5 Easy Ways to be More Eco-Friendly

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Looking for easy ways to go green (and save some money while you're at it)?

Here are five ways you can become more earth-conscious:

  1. Kitchen washcloths.

Super simple. Buy a few washcloths and set them next to your sink, use them when you wash your hands. You'll find yourself saving on paper towels (and the energy and water needed to make them). You'll save money and they can make your kitchen look sophisticated. Go one step further and stash the paper towels under the sink - you'll find you save even more.

2. Say goodbye to the disposable razor.

Buying a new razor (or cartridge) every couple of months gets costly...for you and for the landfills. Upgrade to a non-disposable razor, like my favorite: Leaf Shave. You'll never buy another razor again, just pay pennies for replacement blades.

3. You knew it was coming...water bottles.

Along with any of these suggestions, it is not an all or nothing endeavor. If you can choose a refillable bottle over a plastic water bottle even once, that helps. If not, make sure you're recycling!

4. Update your shipping options.

Sometimes we just have to have a product, now. When you don't, try to select an option that ensures all your packages arrive together to reduce extra transportation and emissions that come with multiple delivery days. Where possible, find green shipping options or purchase from stores that ensure green shipping policies (no plastic, paper wrapping, etc.).

5. Who needs baggies?

Plastic baggies offer convenience, but convenience is not lost when you make a one-time purchase of reusable, resealable silicone baggies. All you have to do is rinse between uses, and you'll never buy (or throw away) another plastic baggie. Check out options like Stasher.

Don't go too hard on yourself -- it's not all or nothing. Every little bit helps!

Switching to homemade, all natural products is a great way to go -- so we're glad you're here.

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