What goes into our pricing?

Of course, the cost of high quality, natural and organic ingredients. Every ingredient that goes into our soap and body butters (minus any colorants) is food grade, so you can trust that your skin is nourished. It really is food for your skin!

When switching to natural products, you might notice a bit of a price shift. Synthetic ingredients are much cheaper than the real deal, but do not offer the power-packed nutrients your skin craves like natural oils and butters.

As each item in this store is handmade in small batches, we do not have the scale of a million dollar company. However, you can rest assured that each product is made with love and complete oversight to ensure it is of the highest quality and most benefit to you. We must cover the price of ingredients, packaging, overhead costs, and this very site to help bring the goodness to your shelves!

Unfortunately, our shipping costs are largely out of our hands. We ship in the smallest and lightest packaging possible to ensure low costs while keeping products protected. If local, we recommend picking up your products or requesting hand delivery - it will make sure you get the best value!

As always, we appreciate your support and will do our best to ensure our products are at the lowest possible price and greatest quality.

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